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Zarahemla to Nephi 2019-01-24
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Zarahemla to Nephi and El Mirador Tours

17-Day Book of Mormon Tour

January 24 – February 9, 2019


$3,395 per person double occupancy

$600 El Mirador Helicopter Option available


Includes internal airfare from Flores, Guatemala to Guatemala City

Does not include international airfare

(United States to Villahermosa, Mexico and Guatemala City to the United States)



Tour Overview:  This is a unique, special 17-day, deluxe tour.  On this tour you will relive The Book of Mormon.  We begin in Villahermosa, Mexico in the land among many waters of The Book of Mormon.  On this tour we will visit areas proposed in the highly acclaimed book, Exploring the Lands of The Book of Mormon, as the land of Lachoneus, the land of Zarahemla, the city of Sidom, the river Sidon, the wilderness of Hermounts, the valley of Gideon, travel through the narrow strip of wilderness, the valley of Alma, the land of Helam, the waters of Mormon, the land of Ishmael, the land of Middoni, the land/city of Nephi, and the east wilderness.  The exciting option to El Mirador takes a helicopter flight to visit one of the oldest Maya cities and the tallest pyramid in the Americas.  This is a marvelous study of The Book of Mormon that will enhance your understanding and increase your love for that great book.


Over 75% of Book of Mormon history is proposed by most Book of Mormon scholars as having taken place in the areas visited on this comprehensive deluxe tour. You will visit four LDS Temples, thirteen archaeological sites and museums, and fifteen locations associated with the Book of Mormon. If you would like to join us, please call to book your space on this deluxe Book of Mormon experience. Telephone: 801.226.5200 or email us at blake@ldstours.com.


Tour Includes: fifteen nights hotel accommodations, one internal air flight (a $150 value), daily breakfast (except on first and last days), two lunches, and thirteen dinners, first-class bus transportation with a bathroom on board, entrance fees and guide service to places listed on the itinerary, taxes and tips on group items, one copy of Exploring the Lands of The Book of Mormon for each couple, literature and maps pertaining to your tour, and escorted by professional tour director Blake Allen.


A $1,000 deposit per person must be received by October 1, 2018 with the balance due by November 26, 2018.  The deposit is non-refundable; however, it may be transferred to another tour if taken within 12 months of the original scheduled tour departure. There are no refunds once internal airfares and hotels have been booked for the tour.  See terms and conditions for details.




Day 1: Thursday, January 24, Villahermosa

Our flights take us to Villahermosa, Mexico near the top of the Gulf Coast of Mexico. We will transfer and check into our hotel for two nights. (No meals provided)


Day 2: Friday, January 25, Villahermosa

Although only four percent of the population of the country of Mexico live in the State of Chiapas, over 40% of the wild animals live in the Tehuantepec, Chiapas and Lacondone mountains. This is reminiscent of the statement in Ether wherein it states that the “land southward was preserved for a wilderness to get game” (Ether 10:21).  We will visit the majestic Classic time period Maya ruins of Palenque. We will analyze the panel of glyphs at the Temple of the Cross which shows the lineage of a 7th century AD king named Chan Balaam, which dates back to a Jaredite king named Kish, who was born on March 8, 993 BC.  We will see the hieroglyph which has been translated to mean, "And it came to pass."  A stroll along the river and a visit to the museum will complete our day. We will return to Villahermosa for the night. (Breakfast, Dinner)


Day 3: Saturday, January 26, Tuxtla Gutierrez

We begin our day with a visit to the LDS temple in Villahermosa as well as the amazing outdoor museum of La Venta where we see monuments from the Olmec culture dating to the Jaredite period.  As we depart the city it will be like, as one young woman described it, Seminary on wheels. We will travel from Villahermosa to Tuxtla Gutierrez through the wilderness of Hermounts as we arrive at our hotel for the next three nights. Tuxtla is the capitol of Mexico's Chiapas state, which has many pre-Classic (Book of Mormon period) sites and artifacts. (Breakfast, Dinner)


Day 4: Sunday, January 27, Tuxtla Gutierrez

Today we will attend church with the local saints.  Afterwards we will see the LDS temple here and then visit the Regional Museum of Tuxtla Gutierrez and see an engraved stone that manifests the early long count date of December 9, 36 B.C., the period when the Nephites lost control of Zarahemla to the Lamanites.  The remainder of the afternoon will be free. (Breakfast, Dinner)


Day 5: Monday, January 28, Tuxtla Gutierrez

We will begin our day with a visit to the archaeological zone of Chiapa de Corzo, a candidate for the city of Sidom (See Alma 15:1-8). We will then take a boat ride through the majestic Sumidero Canyon on the Grijalva River, with walls towering 3000 feet above our heads. The Grijalva has been proposed as the river Sidon in the Book of Mormon.  After lunch, we will visit Tuxtla's Zoo and see the majestic Quetzal bird, Guatemala's national bird that became symbolic of the white god Quetzalcoatl. (See Helaman chapter 4). We will also see many other animals also native to Chiapas such as the jaguar, the tapir, monkeys, and many others. (Breakfast, Dinner)


Day 6: Tuesday, January 29, Huehuetenango

This morning we will head into the high mountians of Guatemala.  En route we will make a stop at San Juan Chamula and visit a purely Mayan town where the people retain many of the ancient religious practices.  We then drive through areas proposed as the valley of Gideon and the lands of Minon and Manti. After we cross the border, we will travel through “the narrow strip of wilderness” which separated the land of Nephi from the land of Zarahemla. We arrive at the high mountain city of Huehuetenango for the night. (Breakfast, Dinner)


Day 7: Wed, January 30, Quetzaltenango

This morning we visit the post-Classic site of Zaculeu which was the capital of the Mam Maya group, the oldest language in the Maya world.  Afterwards we will travel to Quetzaltenago, the second largest city in the country and home of the second LDS temple in Guatemala.  (Breakfast, Dinner)


Day 8: Thursday, January 31, Panajachel

After checking out of our hotel, we will visit the village of Almolonga, renowned for its pure water and lush vegetable gardens, a place that may have been occupied by Alma and his followers (Mosiah chapters 23 & 24). We will then travel to Panajachel, the city on the shores of beautiful Lake Atitlan. Every hotel room has a balcony with a view of the lake. (Breakfast, Dinner)


Day 9: Friday, February 1, Panajachel

Flanked by three dramatic volcanoes, Lake Atitlan has been a scenic retreat for over 2000 years. It has been proposed by many LDS scholars as a site for the Waters of Mormon where Alma organized the church of Christ in the first century BC (see Mosiah chapters 18 and 19). The day will consist of a cruise on the lake to see the area where an ancient city was covered by water. This city may have been Jerusalem mentioned in Alma 21:1 or it may have been one of the other cities mentioned in 3 Nephi 9:7. The afternoon will be free for shopping or relaxing or other available activities. A presentation on the historical literature of the Book of Mormon will be presented by your tour director in the evening. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)


Day 10: Saturday, February 2, Guatemala City

Today we must say goodbye to the grand beauty of Lake Atitlan as we continue on our journey.  As we pass through the lands of Ishmael and Middoni, we will pass by the Cakchiquel Maya village of Patzicia, almost entirely destroyed by the 1976 earthquake. We will recount the courage and faith of the missionaries and members of the Patzicia stake. We will then bus to Antigua, the old Spanish capital of Guatemala. Several buildings date to the 16th and 17th centuries.  We will visit the jade factory prior to continuing on to Guatemala City.  (Breakfast, Lunch)


Day 11: Sunday, February 3, Guatemala City

We again attend church with the local saints and feel of their spirit.  Afterwards, we will visit the Guatemala LDS temple and then later, we explore the archaeological zone of Kaminaljuyu, a place considered by many to have been settled by Nephi in the 6th century BC (see 2 Nephi 5:5-10).  Then it’s off to the large relief map of Guatemala in order to orient ourselves with the geographical overview of the country in relation to the Book of Mormon. Finally, we will visit the National Museum of Archaeology of Guatemala where we will analyze Kaminaljuyu’s stela 10, an altar that dates to 147 BC and may suggest a transfer of kingship from King Noah to Limhi (see Mosiah 18 & 19).  (Breakfast, Dinner)


Day 12: Mon, February 4, Copan, Honduras

Another adventure begins today as we journey to the country of Honduras to visit the amazing size of Copan.  Copan was the capital city of a major Classic period kingdom from the 5th to 9th centuries AD. It was occupied for more than two thousand years, from the Early Pre-classic period to the Post-classic. There is an inscription that refers to the year 321 BC, but no text explains the significance of this date. Copan was a powerful city ruling a vast kingdom within the southern Maya area. It has been labeled a mini-Tikal and is a great precursor to our own visit to Tikal. (Breakfast, Lunch)


Day 13: Tue, Feb 5, Rio Dulce, Guatemala

Today we leave Honduras and return to the country of Guatemala. We will visit the archaeological site of Quirigua. There is evidence that Quiriguá was occupied as early as the Late Preclassic period (400 BC–AD 200). It was in relationship to Quirigua that the prophet Joseph Smith is reported to have said, “It will not be a bad plan to compare Mr. Stephens' ruined cities with those in the Book of Mormon.”  Quirigua is home to the tallest stone monumental sculpture ever erected in the New World.  Stela D is approximately 20 feet tall.  The beginning Maya calendar date of August 13, 3114 BC. We will then continue on to the Rio Dulce area for the evening.  (Breakfast, Dinner)


Day 14: Wed, February 6, El Remate, GUA

We begin our day with a visit to the Spanish colonial fort at the entrance to Lake Izabal in eastern Guatemala called the Castle of San Felipe. Lake Izabal is connected with the Caribbean Sea via the Dulce River and El Golfete lake. The fort was strategically situated at the narrowest point on the river. The Castillo de San Felipe was used by the Spanish for several centuries, during which time it was destroyed and looted several times by pirates.  We will then make our way to the Peten region of Guatemala where we will spend the night.   (Breakfast, Dinner)


Day 15: Thursday, February 7, Guatemala City

The awe-inspiring, Maya archaeological zone of Tikal, occupied from 600 BC to AD 750, awaits us today. This dense rain forest is considered by many to be the East Wilderness where the Nephites, under the direction of the military leader Moroni, built many fortified cities during the 1st century BC (see Alma 50:7-15). New evidence shows a strong relationship between Teotihuacan and Tikal at the close of The Book of Mormon history which resulted in the downfall of the Nephite nation. We will take a flight from Flores to Guatemala for your last night of the tour. (Breakfast, Lunch)


Day 16: Friday, February 8, Flights Home

Transferring to the airport, you will check in for your flights home. Your journey to the Book of Mormon lands has come to an end, but you will take with you memories that will last a lifetime. (Breakfast)


EL MIRADOR OPTION ($600/person):

Day 15: Thu, February 7, El Remate, GUA

After your day at Tikal, you will spend a second night in the Peten area. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)


Day 16: Friday, February 8, Guatemala City

The culmination of your tour is a helicopter trip to the magnificent ruins of El Mirador.  El Mirador, which translates as “the lookout,” is a large Maya settlement, located in the north of the modern department of El Petén, Guatemala. El Mirador flourished from about the 6th century BC, reaching its height from the 3rd century BC to the 1st century AD. Then it experienced a hiatus of construction and perhaps abandonment for generations, followed by re-occupation and further construction in the Late Classic era, and a final abandonment about the end of the 9th century. The civic center of the site covers some 10 square miles with several thousand structures, including monumental architecture from 30 to 200 feet high. The most notable of these are "El Tigre", (180 feet high) and "La Danta", 236 feet tall from the forest floor, and considering its total volume is one of the largest pyramids in the world.  We return by helicopter flight to Flores and then an air flight to Guatemala City will conclude our day and our tour. (Breakfast, Lunch)


Day 17: Saturday, February 9, Flights Home

Transferring to the airport, you will check in for your flights home. Your journey to the Book of Mormon lands has come to an end, but you will take with you memories that will last a lifetime. (Breakfast)


Included in the Tour:

● Fifteen nights in deluxe hotel accommodations.  The El Mirador option includes one more night hotel accommodation.

● One internal air flight, a $150 value. The El Mirador option includes the cost of the helicopter flight.

● Daily breakfast (except on first and last days), two lunches, and thirteen dinners

● First-class bus transportation

● Entrance fees and guide service to places listed on the itinerary

● Taxes and tips on group items

● A copy of the bestselling book, Exploring the Lands of the Book of Mormon by Joseph and Blake Allen for each couple and maps pertaining to your tour

● Escorted by professional tour director, Blake Joseph Allen.

Provided meals are noted at the end of each day.

Time will be given for optional meals during the day.

Prices of flights and itineraries are subject to change.


Let the Book of Mormon change your life.....again!


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