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 Cruise ShipPalenque
  Nephi to Cumorah       Book of Mormon Cruise      Holy Land Tour
        16-day Tour                     8-day Cruise                    15-day Tour
    February 1, 2014             January 19, 2014             January 4, 2014

Hill Vigia  Panama CanalHill Cumorah

Cumorah to Bountiful    Panama Canal Cruise          Church History
        14-day Tour                   14-day Cruise                  14-day Tour
    February 17, 2014             April 20, 2014                     July 2014

Lake Atitlan    Alaska  Chichen Itza
   Nephi to Cumorah              Alaska Cruise            Forgotten Worlds Tour
        14-day Tour                     8-day Cruise                      17-day Tour 
      March 8, 2014                    August 2014                   March 22, 2014

Chiapa de Corzo
    Nephi to Cumorah
         16-day Tour
     October 2014

  Cumorah to Bountiful
          14-day tour
       November 2014

     Nephi to Cumorah
          16-day Tour
       January 17, 2015

 Proposed Map          Exploring

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      For more than forty years, the Allens have specialized in
      group wholesale travel to Mesoamerica exploring the lands
      of the Book of Mormon.  The 
Allens are the pioneers of Book
      of Mormon tours. They invite you to compare their tours with
      other companies.

       Following are ten reasons for traveling with the
         ALLENS to the lands of the Book of Mormon:

Blake Joseph Allen, author, explorer, educator

 1. Experience: 40 years in directing tours to Mesoamerica. 
 2. Education:  50 years in Book of Mormon research.   

 3. Superb Itineraries:  More Book of Mormon tour options.  
 4. Deluxe Accommodations:  Our tours are all-inclusive. 

 5. Value Prices:  Most affordable: tips and taxes included.

 6. Group Rates: Discounts for groups of ten or more. 

 7. Professional Tour Directors: We have taken over 400 tours.
 8. Classes: Free webinar classes: textbook for tour participants.
 9. Superior Tours: A perfect blend of education and relaxation.
10. Commitment: We specialize in Book of Mormon tours - since 1971.
Pictured above: Blake Joseph Allen, author, explorer, educator, and president of 
Book of Mormon Tours. 

Photos at top courtesy of Sheryl Lee Wilson and Chad Clark.  

Joe and Rhoda Allen
Joseph and Rhoda Allen
Founders of Book of Mormon Tours  -  since 1971


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